A Letter from our President


The past year for the Alumni Association has been busy as well as  rewarding.  Last fall, we did a Postcard Campaign in which we ask each  of you to consider donating $5 so that we could increase not only the  number but also the amount of each scholarship we give to graduating  seniors.  We were pleasantly surprised to receive an average of $76.54  from 85 members.  In March, we had a pancake breakfast from which  roughly $2650 was raised for scholarships.  Thanks to the generosity of  our members, we were able to present six scholarships at the Awards  Ceremony.  During the past 26 years, the EAA has been involved with 72  scholarships totaling $41,000 with 38 of these coming directly from the  EAA.  In addition, 22 were provided by individuals, 4 by families in  memory of a loved one and 8 from the Edgewood Reunion Committee.

For  graduation we provided an open house for the speakers and their  families.  During the summer, we assisted with the Legacy of Lights  fundraising efforts so that the new lights at the football field could  be installed.  

This fall we inducted four new members into the  Hall of Fame.  Included this year were Wes Lowzinsky, Martha Gillespie,  Bill Dunne and Joni Kabana. A total of 57 individuals have been inducted  into Hall of Fame – 6 posthumously.  All of these individuals have left  their mark on our world.

We are very proud of the work done.   Our only disappointment is that so few join the Alumni Association.   With more members some of which could be active volunteers, we could  plan even more events.  As such, we have made a concerted effort to  visit class reunions to explain the activities and purpose of the Alumni  Association.

The newsletter sent to members this  year represents the 26th such publication and as always Bev Ekensten and  Dorothy Cunningham have done a superb job.  If you have information  regarding an Edgewood graduate or staff member appropriate for the next  newsletter, please email Bev at buckeyebev77@gmail.com.

Go Warriors!!

Art Buser, '62 - President