The Edgewood Hall of Fame Inductees for 1998

1949 - Dr. Lloyd A. Horrocks
1955 - Terry Lee Thompson
1961 - H. Leroy Turja
1969 - Charles "Chuck" Edward Braden

The Edgewood Hall of Fame Inductees for 1999

1939 - RADM Robert W. Elliott Jr., USN (Ret.)
1947 - Gerald "Jay" Morse Corlew (posthumously)
1954 - Richard A. Rutter
1961 - Carol Elizabeth Kendall Bennett
1969 - Capt. Darl R. Anderson, USN (Ret.)

The Edgewood Hall of Fame Inductees for 2000

1944 - Samuel C. Bucci
1959 - Phyllis A. (Reid) Wagner (posthumously)
1963 - Rev. Robert O. Page

The Edgewood Hall of Fame Inductees for 2002

1949 - David Alex Emery (posthumously)
1955 - Eugene R. Melin
1966 - James E. (Gene) Rust
1971 - Thomas Scalise (posthumously)
1983 - Todd Allen Canter

The Edgewood Hall of Fame Inductees for 2004

1939 - Robert W. Fairburn
1952 - Gary O. Hewitt
1970 - Robert C. Dowler

The Edgewood Hall of Fame Inductees for 2005

1951 - Clarence F. "C.J." Johnson (posthumously)
1953 - Lucille M. Baldwin
1971 - Jeffery D. Shellhammer

The Edgewood Hall of Fame Inductees for 2006

1955 - Philip L. Arvidson
1959 - William Green
1965 - Joseph Donatone
1977 - Lori Robishaw
1988 - Timothy Eippert
1989 - Christoper Tobias

The Edgewood Hall of Fame Inductees for 2008

1963 - Robert Ryan Hilliard
1964 - Thomas Perew
1969 - David Ives
1972 - Ernest M. DeZolt
1986 - Bruce Hudson

The Edgewood Hall of Fame Inductees for 2009

1955 - Richard Schwartz
1959 - Barry A. Walrath
1966 - Kenneth L. Piper
1967 - David L. Piper
1969 - Kathleen L. Straub
1970 - Dr. Mark A. Piper
1972 - Dennis A. Viers

The Edgewood Hall of Fame Inductees for 2012

1955 - Neil L. Volk
1968 - Gary R. Leidich
1970 - Thomas R. Headley
1995 - Jill L. (Hanna) Prince

The Edgewood Hall of Fame Inductees for 2014

1958 - Gary N. Shadduck, PRC USN SEAL (Ret.) (posthumously)
1969 - Col. Michael P. Chapin, USAF (Ret.)
1977 - Dr. Lois J. (Stoops) Teston
1995 - Kate (Druschel) Griffin

The Edgewood Hall of Fame Inductees for 2015

1968 - Ida Mae Olin
1976 - Dr. Ronald A. Wheeler
1977 - Stephen M. Shaffer
1991 - Jenny Hall-Jones, Ph. D.

The Edgewood Hall of Fame Inductees for 2017

1970 - Wes Lowzinski
1975 - Joni Kabana
1977 - William B. Dunne
1977 - Martha Mullins Gillespie

The Edgewood Hall of Fame
Sponsored by the Edgewood Alumni Association
P.O. Box 24 - Ashtabula, Ohio 44005-0024

To honor those Edgewood High School graduates who, through commitment and dedication, have achieved success in their careers and have made significant contributions in their fields, society, and their country. The Edgewood Hall of Fame serves as a permanent testimony that the Edgewood High School experience prepares graduates to face life's challenges, to problem-solve and select choices, and to make decisions that will positively influence or contribute to the well being of our society.


The nominee must meet the following criteria before being considered for induction into the Edgewood Hall of Fame:

1. Be a graduate of Edgewood High School and a lifetime member of Edgewood Alumni Association.

2. Have graduated from Edgewood High School a minimum of 15 years prior to the year of nomination.

3. Be successful in his/her field of endeavors as determined by the selection committee as demonstrated by: a) Accomplishments worthy enough to be shared with current Edgewood students as an example of a "Success Model".

b) Personal characteristics recognized by society as acceptable, appropriate, and worthy enough to be acknowledged as a "Role Model".

c) Positive influence on others.

d) Participation in community groups or community service.

4. Be able to attend the induction ceremony or have a designee present to accept the recognition (for posthumous induction, the family may select an appropriate representative).

5. The nominee or person making the nomination must submit the appropriate application form regarding his/her honors, awards,education, career/occupation, achievements, and community involvement, etc.

6. Nominees not selected for current Hall of Fame induction will remain in consideration for three consecutive Hall of Fame inductions.

The Edgewood Hall of Fame
Nominee Application Download PDF
Sponsored by the Edgewood Alumni Association
Please Print or Type

Nominee's Name ___________________________________Date Graduated _________________

Address __________________________________________________________________________

City ______________________________ State ________________ Zip Code ______________

Phone/Fax/E-Mail _________________________________________________________________

Application Submitted by:

Name _____________________________________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________________________

City _______________________________State _________________ Zip Code _____________

Phone/Fax/E-Mail _________________________________________________________________

Committee members may contact you if more information is needed.

1. Relationship to nominee (self, spouse, sibling, daughter, friend, etc.).

2. Nominee's activities at Edgewood High School (clubs, offices held, sports, etc.).

3. Nominee's honors/recognition at Edgewood High School.

4. College(s), Apprentice, Business, Military Service or Vocational School after Edgewood High School.

5. Honors/Recognition achieved after school (include any military honors).

6. Nominee's honors/recognition in career field.

Nominee's Personal Data

On additional sheets, describe in as much detail as possible why this nominee should be inducted into the Edgewood Hall of Fame. Include why the nominee is a good role model and success model for young people. Also, include how the nominee has affected the lives of others. List the community groups with which the nominee has been associated and/or the nominee's participation in community activities. Examples are encouraged when answering any of the above. Include basic information regarding the nominee's family. If pertinent to the application, include where they have lived since graduation.

A 5” x 7” color photo will be needed if the nominee is chosen for induction.

Does the nominee know and consent to be nominated? Yes_________ No__________

To the best of my knowledge, the person I am nominating is free of any criminal/felonious convictions.

Signature of Person Making Nomination Date

MAY 1st Each Year
Applications should be returned to:
The Edgewood Alumni Association
P.O. Box 24, Ashtabula, Ohio 44005-0024